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The Wellness Booth Keeps AFSCME Strong and Healthy

Pictured: Lientuong Ngyuyen and Gloria Orduna, UDW. Photo Credit: Alena Kuzub
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This year’s convention featured a special “Be Well/Stay Strong” Wellness Booth, where delegates received guidance from volunteer AFSCME health care professionals.

Nurses, physical therapists and pharmacists were on hand to provide counsel, offer basic screenings and suggest healthy exercises to ensure AFSCME members stay fit and strong and remain ready to rise up.

Crystal Friedl, a licensed practical nurse and member of Local 2893 (Council 13) in Grove City, Pennsylvania, said, “I love my job, and was happy to take time out” of her convention week to help others. 

“I like meeting new people and this was a great way to do it,” Friedl said.

Diane Fajohn, also a licensed practical nurse and President of Local 2893 (Council 13) is a Wellness Booth veteran. Why?

Because volunteering “is what nurses do. This has been something really nice to do [at the convention]. And the delegates really appreciate it.”

Pre-diabetic screenings, blood pressure readings and other services were offered.

Debra Sung, a physical therapist from UNAC/UHCP said, “We all carry tension in our shoulders and our back.”

She taught visitors about exercises they could do to engage their core and suggested micro-breaks throughout the day. “Especially for people who work long shifts, it’s important to activate their posture,” Sung said. 

Sheri Gotunda, a pharmacist with UNAC/UHCP, went through pre-diabetic screenings with visitors.

“We’ll review results of our assessment, discuss what people can control, talk about a weight loss regimen, and diet,” said Gotunda. She reminds people that both diabetes and poor blood pressure can be silent killers.

Doreen Jones, a registered nurse from AFSCME District 1199J in New Jersey said, “People can be out of their element at convention. They can be sleep deprived” from traveling and all the activities convention has to offer. 

“It helps to remind people to get back to their regimen,” she said.

Other volunteer/members included:

Having provided services to at least 500 people mid-way through the convention, the “Be Well/Stay Strong” Wellness Booth proves that AFSCME members never quit on each other.