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Members' Bill of Rights

As AFSCME members, we have the right to...

  1. MEMBERSHIP: No person otherwise eligible for membership in this union shall be denied membership, on a basis of unqualified equality, because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability or political belief.
  2. FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Members shall suffer no impairment of freedom of speech concerning the operations of this union. Active discussion of union affairs shall be encouraged and protected within this organization.
  3. FREEDOM FROM BOSSES: Members shall have the right to conduct the internal affairs of the union free from employer domination.
  4. FAIR ELECTIONS: Members shall have the right to fair and democratic elections at all levels of the union. This includes due notice of nominations and elections, equal opportunity for competing candidates and proper election procedures constitutionally specified.
  5. HOLD OFFICE: Members shall have an equal right to run for and hold office, subject only to constitutionally specified qualifications, uniformly applied.
  6. REVIEW FINANCIAL RECORDS: Members shall have the right to a full and clear accounting of all union funds at all levels. Such accounting shall include, but not be limited to, periodic reports to the membership by the appropriate fiscal officers and periodic audits by officers elected for that purpose or by independent auditors not otherwise connected with the union.
  7. VOTE: Members shall have the right to full participation, through discussion and vote, in the decision-making processes of the union, to pertinent information needed for the exercise of this right. This right shall specifically include decisions concerning the acceptance or rejection of collective bargaining contracts, memoranda of understanding, or any other agreements affecting their wages, hours or other terms and conditions of employment. All members shall have an equal right to vote and each vote cast shall be of equal weight.
  8. DUE PROCESS: Charges against a member or officer shall be specific and shall be only on grounds provided in the International Constitution. Accused members or officers shall have the right to a fair trial with strict adherence to due process. The accused shall be considered innocent until proven guilty.