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Never Quit Service Awards

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As AFSCME members, we don’t do our jobs to get rich. We are public service workers, and our jobs are our calling. We labor behind the scenes to keep our neighborhoods safe, our streets clean and our children healthy.

Yet many of us have personal stories to tell about being everyday heroes, going above and beyond the call of duty. That’s why our union created the AFSCME Never Quit Service Awards.

More than 130 of our union’s members, from Hawaii to New York and Minnesota to Florida, have won the AFSCME Never Quit Service Award since it was created. They include Renita Smith, a Maryland bus driver who reacted quickly and bravely when her bus caught fire, leading all children to safety; Lisa La Russo, a California paramedic who founded Splash Medics, a nonprofit to help prevent drowning deaths; and Van DeVries, a Colorado elementary school building engineer who is like family to the dozens of teachers and students he has served for more than 20 years.

Let your sisters and brothers know about an AFSCME member who never quits on their community. Now is the time – we need to hear your stories, to get the word out that whether it’s an incredible act of bravery or a modest act of kindness, AFSCME never clocks out.