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Get Your Limited Edition I AM AFSCME T-Shirts

Photo Credit: Luis Gomez
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AFSCME honors the legacy of the 1968 Memphis sanitation workers who went on strike for a better life and the freedom to stand together. They were joined by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his final march for justice. 

I AM 2018 is a commemoration of that legacy and a call to action for the future.

Wednesday is I AM AFSCME t-shirt day. Show your support for the fight for the future by wearing a limited-edition I AM AFSCME t-shirt – available for purchase at the AFSCME PEOPLE booth in the Exhibit Hall.

By participating in the I AM AFSCME t-shirt day, you’ll be honoring the sacrifices made by the sanitation strikers in Tennessee 50 years ago and the ultimate sacrifice made by Dr. King. You’ll also be expressing solidarity with AFSCME’s “I AM” fight for the future. Learn more about the I AM 2018 program at the Exhibit Hall.