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Honoring Paul Booth

Paul Booth’s legendary dedication to AFSCME and the labor movement were celebrated in a special event Tuesday.

List of Approved Convention Resolutions

These are the titles of the resolutions have been adopted by the delegates to the AFSCME 43rd International Convention in Boston.

Officer Nominations Made on Tuesday

There were two nominees Tuesday for the position of AFSCME International secretary-treasurer, who serves as our union’s chief financial officer.

President Saunders: Public Service Workers are Rising Up Against the Attacks

“The Janus decision is a roadblock, but we will maneuver around it or just run right over it,” AFSCME President Lee Saunders said.

AFSCME Staff |

Senator Elizabeth Warren Fires Up AFSCME Activists at Convention

The senior senator from Massachusetts laid bare for delegates the strategy and dark money used in the right wing’s coordinated attacks on the freedoms of working people.

AFSCME Staff |

Honoring the Giants of AFSCME’s Past

Past leaders of AFSCME were recognized Monday in a surprise ceremony during which President Lee Saunders and Secretary-Treasurer Elissa McBride honored them with moving tributes and a special resolution.

AFSCME Staff |

Retirees Elect New Leadership

The Retirees Council meeting left attendees excited to keep fighting for years to come.

AFSCME Staff |

Rise Up Institute Instructs and Inspires

Thousands of public service workers participated in the first-ever Rise Up Institute at the AFSCME 43rd International Convention.

AFSCME Staff |

Rise Up and Take Action

Paul Blujus, a CSEA (New York state) member, talked an Oregon member into sticking with his union and convinced him to reject the lies and misinformation being spread by the anti-union group, the Freedom Foundation.

AFSCME Staff |

An Action-Packed Destination: Exhibit Hall Spotlight

The Exhibit Hall at the convention is a happening, action-packed destination that’s educating and entertaining attendees.

AFSCME Staff |

Walking Tour Shows the History of the Convention’s Host City

AFSCME history buffs gather for People’s History Walking Tour of Boston.

AFSCME Staff |

First-Time Delegate Meeting Sets Agenda for the Week and the Future

“By the time this week is over, you will have the tools you need to take on our enemies."

AFSCME Staff |
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