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AFSCME’s Racial, Social and Economic Justice Work Group is Recognized

“My fellow work group members and I are fighting to make sure that racial and economic justice reaches every corner of our union and our communities."

Dividing Workers into Camps is a Right-Wing Plot, not the AFSCME Way

AFSCME remains committed to fighting for all workers, not just dues payers.

The Wellness Booth Keeps AFSCME Strong and Healthy

This year’s convention featured a special “Be Well/Stay Strong” Wellness Booth, where delegates received guidance from volunteer AFSCME health care professionals.

AFT President Speaks at AFSCME’s Convention

“We know that when ASFCME, AFT, SEIU and NEA and other public sector union members work together, we are an indomitable force."

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Speaks at AFSCME’s Convention

“We have to fight together for all our communities and vote together to take back Washington and statehouses across the country."

Share These AFSCME Strong Videos

Help protect our freedom to organize from the billionaires and corporations who want to attack working people.

S-T McBride: We Must All Be Organizers Now

We must work hand in hand to build power through AFSCME. That was Secretary-Treasurer Elissa McBride’s message to convention attendees.

NEA S-T Princess Moss Inspires Delegates with Unity Message

“Your theme is more than mere words. It’s an anthem of this generation,” said Moss, referring to AFSCME’s Rise Up convention theme.

AFSCME Members are Fired Up for November

If one thing is clear from the AFSCME 43rd International Convention, it’s that AFSCME members feel they have momentum heading into the November elections.

Get Your Limited Edition I AM AFSCME T-Shirts

Don’t forget to wear a limited-edition I AM AFSCME t-shirt on Wednesday.

Delegates Rave About Sector Caucuses

The sector caucuses offered a great way to collaborate, connect and return home fortified with new strategies.

Workshops to Help Affiliates on Financial Matters

Activists will learn critical skills at two workshops designed to teach them ways to better manage their affiliates’ finances.

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